Carpet Stain Removal: How To Clean A Dirty Rug

Chances are, unless you live in a domicile akin to a museum, you suffer the occasional stained rug or carpet. You don’t have to run out and spend thousands of dollars on new floor coverings. Decorating expert Debbie Clunas offers her tips on cleaning dirty rugs and carpet stain removal.

Area rugs tend to be expensive, but you can get a great deal if you buy one secondhand. Many times, people will sell a rug that they have given up on at a garage sale, when all the item really needs is a little TLC. This cleaning method is used frequently by professionals and is very easy to follow.

Spray Cleaner Directly On The Stain

Begin by carefully vacuuming the rug. If it is hem knotted, use your vacuum’s attachment and be extremely careful not to pull on the threads. After you have thoroughly vacuumed the rug, hose down your driveway to ensure that it is clean. Next, mix a large bucket of warm water and a cleaner that is made for delicate materials. Lay the rug out on the driveway, and dump the water and cleaner onto it. Try to work the dirt out by gently wiping the rug with a rag; then hose it off.

Most driveways have a slant to them where they slope to meet the street. Place the rug on this slope to allow excess water to run off. Lay it on something clean and soft, and let it dry out underneath as well.

Blot Rather Than Rub Delicate Material

Don’t give up on carpet that is stained either. In many cases, that stain can be removed. Often, you will clean a stain and in about a week or two it reappears in the exact same place. Here is how to prevent that from happening. Purchase a rug cleaner that is specifically made for stain removal. Spray the cleaner on the stain and then blot the area with a paper towel. If you are removing a stain from commercial carpet, go ahead and scrub rather than blot. You want to be especially careful, however, with plush carpeting or rugs because they can pill with excess rubbing.

Eventually you will see that the stain is gone. Do not be fooled; it could return. When a stain occurs, the dirt, fluid, etc. go to the very root of the fabric and into the rug’s backing. The cleanser acts as a wick to pull the stain out of the backing, so any stain or dirt that’s left will make its way back to the surface.

Although the carpet/rug stain appears to be remedied, wet a clean cloth with water and remove the cleaner from the fabric fibers by blotting. Then take another clean, light-colored old towel, put it on the spot and place something heavy to rest on it until the area dries. Once you have completed this process, that stain will not make a repeat appearance.